24 July 2015

SIC Nega Den-O (Jusco Exclusive)

"You're all just amateurs.Hurry up and die already!"
 Negataros's demonic phrase from the 2008 movie; Kamen Rider Den-O & Kiva: Climax Deka.

 The SIC incarnation of this figure proves that sometimes repaints can be really cool! It's a straight repaint from SIC Den-O sword form but this version brings out the demonic/evil/mean look on the figure.

Toy name: SIC Nega Den-O (Jusco Exclusive)
Year release: 2009
Company: Bandai

Remarks: Get em if you see em selling cheap cos the retail ain't cheap!

Toy score: 4 stars!

23 July 2015

Sentinel Optimus Prime Pen!

They said "The pen is mightier than the sword" and this Pen is wicked cos' it transforms into Optimus Prime (or Nemesis or Magnus in this pic). I don't have the red colored version but this black and white combo nails it and thanks to the smokey effect!

Toy name: Transformers Sentinel Optimus Prime Pen
Year release: 2014
Company: Takara Tomy

Remarks: Pretty pricey for a "smaller-than-deluxe" size but all in all, it's a good addition to any Optimus collection!

Toy score: 5 stars because it's Optimus!


After more than 5 years hiatus from my previous Monkticon's Probe blog, I've finally decided to put it to rest permanently. This new blog will be more simplified to the direction I always wanted it to be, and it's all about toys (mainly)! To kick start things, here's my very first toy pic of the day!

Toy name: SHF Mashin Chaser
Year release: 2015
Company: Bandai

Remarks: First SHF villain from the Kamen Rider Drive series. Overall very solid detailing and wicked! Do take caution on the gun as it's gun fin is a lil' fragile and easy to snap...
Toy score: 4 stars!